70 years of Sirai

Sirai turns 70: an important milestone, celebrated with enthusiasm and perseverance of those who have never given up looking ahead.

Its foundation in 1946 was not casual: it was an important year for Italy and for the entire world. The world war had just ended and there was a strong will to rebuild industrial and social fabric.

The pace of change in our world suddenly sped up and radical transformations occurred over the past 70 years in all aspects of our life.

The openings and the achievements in several fields have changed our lifestyle, while the technological progress had an impact on production and distribution of industrial products.

Sirai and its products have also been a part of this journey and authors of many changes.

Thinking about how to celebrate this important anniversary, we had the idea of concentrating these seven decades in a short video that – in a rapid sequence of symbolic images – shows the parallel evolution of social context and of our products.

As it has happened for the society as well as for Sirai - despite huge changes - the key values and the commitment, that remained unchanged, allow us to assert today, as we did 70 years ago, that “You get more than a valve when you buy Sirai”.

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