New motorized pinch valves series S170/S370

There is an ever-growing demand in different market sectors for applications in which the pinch vales are the best solution. This scenario proposes new challenges and requires increasingly demanding performances that are not always achievable with the conventional pinch solenoid valves.

Sirai designed this new series of valves controlled by an electric stepper motor combined with an electronic management board.

This solution not only limits the power consumption, but also helps reach a pinching strength of almost ten times higher than the one of a traditional pinch solenoid valves, making it possible to control tubings with hardness up to 90 shore A.

Multiple configurations are available, based on the different requirements, especially in ON-OFF mode, proportional with adjustment potentiometer and with analog input 0-5V or 4-20mA.

The valves are delivered already programmed and customized according to the requested configuration, so as to make the installation easier and faster. In addition to all these features, it is possible to supply the valve without the electronic board, so as to integrate it into an existing system.

These valves are the ideal solution for several applications, mainly in the industrial, commercial and food & beverage fields, as well as in all the applications which require a proportional control of the fluid and a dynamic regulation thanks to the analogic input.

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